I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Porto Alegre, South Brazil.  I moved to San Diego in 2003 in search of beautiful waves and a different perspective.  While studying graphic design I picked up a photography class and completely fell in love with the camera.  I began reading books, attending workshops, watching videos and photographing everything in my path.  My first paid assignments were in action photography where I had the privilege to travel through California documenting skateboarders.  I found that I absolutely love the moments I'm able to pull out someone's true self or emotion in front of the camera.  Which led me to start working in portrait photography.  In between assignments I was asked to photograph my first wedding.  It was a wonderful experience that really grabbed me.  I found that I felt excited and honored to be asked to take on such an important job in the lives of these two people.  Today I am able to experience this regularly shooting weddings for a living.

As a wedding photographer I strive to get to know my clients and what they desire in their photographs.  I work with them to create beautiful photos and document their day.  My goal is to capture each moment as it is happening, making them feel at ease and utilizing natural elements and the beautiful setting the couple has worked so hard to achieve. 

When I’m not photographing you will most likely find me chasing after my one year old son, the most amazing gift I’ve ever been given.  I am also married to the love of my life.  You might find her assisting me with a wedding or two.   The three of us are a simple family with a ton of character!