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Best headshot photographer in San Diego and Los Angeles, California. Do you know that headshots are a powerful way to market yourself and give you the edge you need in today competitive market. They are ideal for business cards, websites, auditions and so much more. They are an essential tool for any profession:  realtors, corporate executives, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, actors, actress and so on. Whatever line of work you are in, if you promoting yourself, you need a great headshot.


I have a passion for photography, a passion for learning about light, angles, and people. The inspiration that San Diego gives me every day is exactly what I bring to every single headshot session. I will take your expressions and shape them in many different ways to bring your "persona" out in front of the camera. We will work together to take incredible shots and have fun in the process. I strongly believe that the best results come when you truly feel at ease. 

The basic headshot session is one hour long in front of the camera with me with two different looks and I will shoot around 150-200 photographs. The advanced headshot session is one hour longer with four different outfits and the number of photographs can vary from person to person. No matter what session you pick we will go through each single image together so that you are involved in the whole selection process. We will select only the ones with potential so you will end leaving the studio with 50-100+ final images.

I will provide you a link to a protected password online gallery with all the shots that we selected.


Rule #1: You have to love it!  I don't want to shoot anything that you don't feel comfortable wearing. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t shoot well while wearing it.

I suggest you bring several of your favorite tops. For headshots, you’ll really just need to concentrate on tops, unless you would like some 3/4 shots. Don't be seasonal, everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters, light jackets, suits, ties or anything that makes you feel great when you have it on can work. I love textures and layers, but would generally stay away from crazy patterns. I really like everyone to bring at least 5 options for clothing. People always ask me what colors are best and I really don't have an answer for that. It's better for me to get a visual of something, so I suggest bringing a wide variety of colors, as well black and white. For men I recommend bringing a nice suit. 

Remember you will be hired for what your face brings to the camera, not because of the clothing that you are wearing.



It is highly recommended for women to work with a make-up artist. I have a make-up artist if you decide to work with them. If you prefer to do your own makeup, make sure it is light and not too heavy. Make-up should not be overdone. In other words, wear what you consider "everyday" daytime make-up. Try stay away from powder, get base that is not powdery, I want you to still have a glow on your face. Less is more.

Come to the studio with your hair worn like you normally do. Don't do anything with your hair that you cannot repeat on the day of your audition. During the session we will change your hair to a few different styles.


Guys, the make-up artist is available for you as well. Whether you use them or not is up to you. For those who can grow facial hair, come with a full beard or however you like to wear your facial hair and we will shoot that look first. Bring a razor with you so that we can shoot you clean shaven as well.  



This session rate is $219 for the shoot. A retainer of $150 is required to book a session, this is non refundable and goes toward your final amount. 

This is a great option for someone that is looking to get a really good photograph with a clear background. One hour of shooting time with two wardrobe changes and an access to an online gallery to view, download and print capabilities, as well your edited high resolution digital files and one fully retouched image.


This session rate is $319 for the shoot. A retainer of $150 is required to book a session, this is non refundable and goes toward your final amount. 

This option suits best for someone that is looking to have a little bit more time to get a variety of looks. You will get two hours of shooting with four wardrobe changes and an access to an online gallery to view, download and print capabilities, as well your edited high resolution digital files and two fully retouched images.


This session rate is $85 per person, with a minimum of 10 people. A retainer of 1/2 of the total amount is required to book a session, this is non refundable and goes toward your final amount. 

During this session the headshots will be taken on location at your place of business. You will have access to an online gallery to view, download and print capabilities.


It is very simple. If you have photographed with me in the past you qualify for the Returning Client Discount. This is great for those whom I've had the pleasure to work with and now feel that it is time to update their headshots. This session is only $199 for one hour.

* All prices are subject to sales tax.

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